We welcome you in the microclimate and wish you a pleasant stay.

1. Guests are required to make a meld immediately upon arrival. In order to confirm the identity of the customer is required to show a document with a photograph (Ust. From 04.10.1974 on the population register and identity cards OJ 2001 No 87 poz.960).

2. The fee per stay and tax, if it is not paid in full by bank transfer, is charged on the day of arrival, in accordance with the established by your date, but no later than the next day to 10.00 am. Please comply with that obligation.

3. Cancellation of a stay does not entitle you to a refund of the deposit. Guests shall not be refunded the price difference, which is the result of shortened stay, late arrival, giving up part of your stay not due to the fault of the owner.

4. Guests have the right to leave their luggage at the place indicated by the host to the end of the last day, at no additional charge.

5. The rooms should be used for their intended purpose, only for their own needs living and recreation.

6. Check-in begins at 15.00 on the day of arrival and ends at 10.00 on the day of departure.

7. The building curfew lasting hours 22.00 – 7.00.

8. Due to fire safety and general safety in the rooms do not use heaters, microwave ovens, heaters, gas appliances, instruments or devices running on electricity, do not constitute the permanent equipment room. This does not apply to chargers and power electronic devices and computer.

9. Guests are fully responsible for any damage or destruction of the equipment and technical devices (including lost set of keys) of an object arising from his fault or the fault of the visitors. On the day of departure the client provides rented room home owner or a person authorized by him in order to check its condition. Any claims on damages, which are not reported to be claimed through mediation or court.

10. We are not responsible for money and valuables left in the rooms or on the property, as well as loss or damage to a car or other vehicle belonging to a guest facility.

11. Room sentence takes place in the presence of the host after the payment for the period covered by the reservation.

10. The rooms are non-smoking (also bathrooms). Smoking is allowed in the garden and on the balconies.

12. We regret to inform you that in the Microclimate we do not accept guests with pets.

13. It is forbidden to stay overnight in the room of people who have not been checked into our facility.

14. There is one parking space for each apartment on the property. For more vehicles, owners will be required to pay a fee in the amount of 30 PLN per day.

15. We charge a refundable deposit in the amount of 500 PLN.

16. Persons who violate the rules of these regulations will be required to leave the guest house without refund.

After reviewing the rules, please book a stay at our facility.

Terms object Microclimate shall be notified by posting on this website, by individual read by the customer in the apartments.